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Server Migration

We’ve been offline for a few days due to moving the site to a new server. There might still be some downtime to come but it looks like nothing was lost in the transfer process. Please note that any emails sent to will not reach us as the mail server hasn’t been set up yet, so if you want to contact us please either leave a comment or join our IRC. If you notice any issues then please leave a comment.

Koiken Otome Status


It’s nearing the end of the year and the Prologue partial patch is getting closer, but not close enough for a release this year. Our TLC for Prologue has been on a break due to real-life issues and returned a few days ago. They have completed Prologue TLC and it has now moved to Editing.  Read more »

Koiken Otome 50%+

Someya Yuzu

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but we have a few important announcements and also need a position filled.

First off I’d like to give a big thanks to the team for getting the Prologue, Akane’s and Touko’s routes translated as well as a thanks to the Translation Checkers and Editors who are working hard on their respective routes. This brings us to over 50% translation completion with TLC and editing making good progress catching up.

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25% Translated Milestone for Koiken Otome

We've not had a Yves image yet.

We’ve not had a Yves image yet.

So, 51 days ago we started this project and 18 days ago we reached 5000 lines Translated. Now we’ve reached and slightly past our 25% milestone. Ain’t our Translators awesome?

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Recruiting for Koiken Otome


If you haven’t heard already we are badly in need of editors for Koiken Otome. The translators are going all out and leaving the editors and translation checkers in the dust.

We are looking for more editors who can help us in the Prologue, Touko’s and Akane’s routes. Anyone with experience in English (even if it isn’t your main language) are welcomed to join and we hope that you can spend a few hours a week helping us get through the backlog. We won’t be able to release a prologue patch until the lines are all satisfactory.

We are also looking for at least one translation checker for the Prologue and at least one for Akane’s route. Anyone wishing to help should have knowledge of the Japanese language and be able to identify and rectify mistakes in the Translation. The Prologue is our main priority for translation checking.

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5000+ Lines TLed for Koiken Otome


The last time I posted I promised that I wouldn’t make a new post for every 500 lines translated. This time I am posting to tell you all that we now have over 5000 lines TLed. These lines are split between the Prologue and Touko’s route.

Joshyan has been working hard to translate the Prologue, while nfinite has been speeding along with Touko’s route. Our hope is to create a preview patch when the Prologue is fully translated and edited, but don’t expect this any time soon. We won’t release this until we are fully satisfied that the translation and editing are up to a high standard. This means that the lines will go through multiple revisions before they are finalised.

We also have updated line counts for all the routes. Defendos has actually been working and has managed to count all the lines.

At the time of posting we currently have 5353 lines Translated out of a total of 40340. This means we have 13.27% Translated. Breaking this down we get:

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500 Lines TLed and Recruiting for Koiken Otome

Want some?

Want some?

Thanks to our only free Translater, Joshyan, we now have 500+ lines of the Koiken Main Route Translated.

The amount of dialog lines have been counted wrongly. There are actually far less lines that need to be Translated and Edited. We will update the Koiken page when we work out the correct amount. Blame Defendos for this. This means that we have 1.03% of the full Novel Translated.

I don’t plan on making a post every time we get 500 lines done but I thought I would put a post out to recruit some more people.

If you have been following this project you should know that we have one Translator who is currently free and another two who are both busy working on another project until the end of next month. You may have been sitting on the fence and waiting to find out if this project would take off or you might have just stumbled on this project but now is the time we need you most.

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Koiken Otome Started

Koiken Waitresses

Thanks to the newest addition to our team, Joshyan, Koiken Otome has officially started. The project is currently at the start of TL with new lines being translated slowly. Progress is slow as of now but at the end of July, when the other translators complete their projects and join, progress is expected to pick up. Our editors are currently on standby and ready to go.

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Koiken Otome


We are branching out, but still continuing, from doing anime series to work on the Visual Novel Koiken Otome.

The project won’t fully start until the summer but we would like to get more people before then to make the project quicker.

See our Visual Novels page for information about our status and the positions we would like to fill.

Holy Knight Episode 1 and 2


Our first anime project as a group and hopefully not our last.


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