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25% Translated Milestone for Koiken Otome

We've not had a Yves image yet.

We’ve not had a Yves image yet.

So, 51 days ago we started this project and 18 days ago we reached 5000 lines Translated. Now we’ve reached and slightly past our 25% milestone. Ain’t our Translators awesome?

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Recruiting for Koiken Otome


If you haven’t heard already we are badly in need of editors for Koiken Otome. The translators are going all out and leaving the editors and translation checkers in the dust.

We are looking for more editors who can help us in the Prologue, Touko’s and Akane’s routes. Anyone with experience in English (even if it isn’t your main language) are welcomed to join and we hope that you can spend a few hours a week helping us get through the backlog. We won’t be able to release a prologue patch until the lines are all satisfactory.

We are also looking for at least one translation checker for the Prologue and at least one for Akane’s route. Anyone wishing to help should have knowledge of the Japanese language and be able to identify and rectify mistakes in the Translation. The Prologue is our main priority for translation checking.

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5000+ Lines TLed for Koiken Otome


The last time I posted I promised that I wouldn’t make a new post for every 500 lines translated. This time I am posting to tell you all that we now have over 5000 lines TLed. These lines are split between the Prologue and Touko’s route.

Joshyan has been working hard to translate the Prologue, while nfinite has been speeding along with Touko’s route. Our hope is to create a preview patch when the Prologue is fully translated and edited, but don’t expect this any time soon. We won’t release this until we are fully satisfied that the translation and editing are up to a high standard. This means that the lines will go through multiple revisions before they are finalised.

We also have updated line counts for all the routes. Defendos has actually been working and has managed to count all the lines.

At the time of posting we currently have 5353 lines Translated out of a total of 40340. This means we have 13.27% Translated. Breaking this down we get:

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