Monthly Archives: June 2014

Translation Checker Recruitment

Apologies for making so many topics on this subject, but our group is recruiting yet again for a translation checker. You will be responsible for looking over raw translated lines for accuracy. This position requires a good understanding of Japanese, so please refrain from applying if you’re just trying to learn how to speak Japanese. If you are interested in helping us out, swing by our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on the @Rizon network. Someone there will be happy to help you out. If you need assistance in joining the channel, check our Mibbit guide, or post a comment. Thanks for reading.

We’re still alive + Recruitment

Hey all, just a short post to say that we’re still alive and working on the project. I’ve been too busy to write any posts, but you’ll find that I update the Koiken Otome page around twice a month now. If you need anything, we’re still active on IRC and can be contacted there.

I’d also like to point out our new recruitment positions that have just became available, thanks to the completion of the editing on Yves. We’re looking for new Quality Checkers¬†to join us and proofread this route,¬†skipping Prologue and Common. If you’re interested, and as always, you can contact us on IRC to apply or for more details.