Monthly Archives: July 2014

Updates and Announcements

First of all, we’ll be updating the progress every second Tuesday, as we have been doing. We’re forging steadily ahead so there should be progress on every route most updates. All of our status updates can be found on this page.


Second, some announcements. There are a lot of questions that are asked and answered in the comments (sometimes multiple times) or elsewhere that aren’t very clear, so I just want to lay them out.

  • We are not using machine TL. We have quite a few competent translators and they’re translating the entire script by hand. You can read more about that incident and the things leading up to it here.
  • We will not be releasing any more partial patches. Next release is the final release, minus any fixes or updates.
  • We don’t know when that final release will be. Sorry. We’re doing the best we can, but there’s no point asking us when because we don’t know.
  • There are some errors in Akane and Touko routes if you use our patch, we’ll have those fixed for the final release. If you really want to play ahead, please use the original non-patched version.
  • As of this time, we will not be translating the fandisk. You can get as much out of the game interpreting it in Japanese as you could by reading it in English.

Any questions already answered in this post will be deleted from now on.

Remember to join our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on Rizon; someone’s usually always there.