25% Translated Milestone for Koiken Otome

We've not had a Yves image yet.

We’ve not had a Yves image yet.

So, 51 days ago we started this project and 18 days ago we reached 5000 lines Translated. Now we’ve reached and slightly past our 25% milestone. Ain’t our Translators awesome?

At the time of writing we have 10131 lines Translated which is 25.11% of the Total VN. Unfortunately, only about half of that is Translation Checked which brings me onto recruitment.

After an insane amount of applications for Editor we should be fine in that department for a while.

Now, we are badly in need of Translation Checkers. Translation Checking involves checking the Translation for errors and correcting these mistakes. Of course, Japanese knowledge is required. This job is usually considered practice for those that don’t think they have the skills to Translate but still have knowledge of the Japanese langage.

We are looking for at least one Translation Checker for Prologue and one for Akane.

Unfortunately, we’ve been having issues with our web form so the easiest option is out. That leaves three ways to apply:

Next milestone, 50%…?

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