500 Lines TLed and Recruiting for Koiken Otome

Want some?

Want some?

Thanks to our only free Translater, Joshyan, we now have 500+ lines of the Koiken Main Route Translated.

The amount of dialog lines have been counted wrongly. There are actually far less lines that need to be Translated and Edited. We will update the Koiken page when we work out the correct amount. Blame Defendos for this. This means that we have 1.03% of the full Novel Translated.

I don’t plan on making a post every time we get 500 lines done but I thought I would put a post out to recruit some more people.

If you have been following this project you should know that we have one Translator who is currently free and another two who are both busy working on another project until the end of next month. You may have been sitting on the fence and waiting to find out if this project would take off or you might have just stumbled on this project but now is the time we need you most.

We are looking for Translators to work on the girl routes which are about 10000 lines each. You can pick whichever route you like, we won’t force you. The more translators this project can get then the faster we can get the patch released to all those who are looking forward to it. You may be worrying about a test but the only thing you can expect is to be asked to translate one or two lines to prove that you can actually do it. Once you are in we will give you as much support or as little as you want to the best of our ability.

If you don’t have enough time to Translate then we could also use one or two people to check some lines to make sure the Translation is accurate and help make them understandable. We’re not expecting many of these lines so this should be an easy job.

We are also looking for people fluent in English to edit the translated lines into more understandable sentences. Currently, we have three editors who have very tight schedules until next month and are slightly falling behind the Translator (yeah, one translator to three editors). To join, all we would like you to do is write a paragraph or two about why you would like to join this project and what skills you can bring. This will allow us to judge your English skills to ensure we end up with the best script for the patch.

If you would like to help or if you would like more information then please either:

Mail us [email protected],

visit our IRC Channel at #[email protected] and message Defendos or ACF, or

leave a comment here.

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