An Executive Decision

We enjoy the freedom of transparency when we post work-in-progress information both in our IRC channel, here, and on the FuwaNovel forums. To some extent, the criticism we have received has been warranted – the only caveat being that WIP snapshots were presumed to reflect the quality of the final product. We still wish to be transparent and let everyone know that we actually are concerned about the quality of our work. In light of recent events, and after much internal debate, we are deciding to refuse further contributions to the project from Joshyan.

You can skip the following paragraph if you don’t care about drama.
This decision was not taken lightly and can be seen in our flip-flop behavior. I personally wanted to clear up the rationale behind our current and past decisions. I joined this project a little after it had started up when the sole translator was Joshyan. Since progress was already being made on Prologue, I chose to lone-wolf it on Touko. Slowly, though, I began to realize that Joshyan wasn’t proficient in English and, to some extent, Japanese either. Still, being in the mindset that this is a fan-contributed project, I accepted the fact that his contributions would need heavy translation checking and editing. All of the project leaders agree that we should take some responsibility for leaving him in the group as long as we had. There was a boiling point in the past where we could not stand both the quality of his translation and his public pining for attention. We stopped him from contributing further at this point. In retrospect, we should have put our foot down then and there. But, being softies, (Defendos and myself, more so, ACF, less so), we allowed him to do just the H-scenes – because, hey, how much damage could that do? Apparently more so on our image as a group than anticipated… With Joshyan being quite vocal on the forums, criticism about his ineptitude crept into presumptions about the translation quality of the entire group as a whole – which somewhat insults the quieter translators who are just doing what they enjoy. I’m trying hard to include as few ad hominem attacks as possible, but to sneak one in: I honestly think his public behavior has been immature and reflected poorly on us as a group. /drama

Know that we are taking many steps to ensure minimal degradation in quality due to subpar translation work done by Joshyan. We have had two translators, myself included, do a TLC pass over his work in the prologue. That is two translation checks plus editor and quality checks to come. We plan on doing this for his other contributions as well.

We cannot promise that our final product will be without awkward diction – this is, after all, just a fan translation, done with volunteer hours of our lives. We can only attempt to reassure everyone that we do care about the quality of our final product because it is a reflection of our own abilities.
There will always be sour apples, but we’d like to continue to thank everyone who supports us. This includes Joshyan, who has dedicated countless hours to this project. We respect this; but at the same time we must respect the readers by not compromising so much on quality. Please look forward to our prologue patch, and hopefully it’ll still retain your interest in the project!

With us having this wealth of friction in dealing with Joshyan, I would like to warn other project leaders that you must think really hard when you accept help from him as a translator. He works very hard and he’s a good kid, but his unfamiliarity with English and Japanese make it difficult for the rest of the team. You will be much better people than we are if you are able to keep up with and clean up after him.

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