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Our current status

Due to this being the month of hell (exams and assignments) progress on editing is currently stalled until May. Once I’m free (second week in May) I’ll be taking over editing on common and looking to release either the same month or the beginning of the next (but don’t quote me on that). Common is currently being quality checked and my edit will be considered final.

There are a few things various members will be doing between now and then: Read more »

More Recruitment!

Yuzu route is finally finished, and that means it’s time for another edition of QC recruitment! She’s the protagonist’s busty childhood friend who’s just cute as a button. She’s the host of our favourite page, the 404 page. Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Just letting everyone know we are, in fact, alive. Progress may have slowed practically to a halt, but that’s because it’s Christmas! Christmas, AKA, vacation time, final exams, etc. If you stick with me through this whole short post, I’ll give you a Christmas present.

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QC Applicant’s Preferences for Pantsu

Abstract: Of 60 total applicants (45 after pruning) for the position of Quality Checker over two testing periods, it was determined that the most popular style of pantsu was “striped”, with the second most popular being “black with lace and frills”. Statistics were drawn from such factors as email domain, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and their choice of “best girl” from the popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Corntastic, ACF, 2014.

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Translation Checker Recruitment

Apologies for making so many topics on this subject, but our group is recruiting yet again for a translation checker. You will be responsible for looking over raw translated lines for accuracy. This position requires a good understanding of Japanese, so please refrain from applying if you’re just trying to learn how to speak Japanese. If you are interested in helping us out, swing by our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on the @Rizon network. Someone there will be happy to help you out. If you need assistance in joining the channel, check our Mibbit guide, or post a comment. Thanks for reading.

Weekly Update 26/02

Again, I’ve skipped some updates due to there not being anything new to add. It’s the same this week, but I thought I’d inform everyone.

  • We’re moving to Wednesday updates now, since Defendos has more time.
  • Prologue is stalled at the Opening, as usual. If Oystein doesn’t return in time, hopefully Defendos will be able to use the files he left behind. We might have to release without it, if necessary.
  • Our Main Route Translator, nfinite, is making some changes to the patcher instead of Translating. When we release our next patch (after Prologue) this new Patcher should mean that you only have to download the changed files. The changed files are around 500 MB in size, whereas the Prologue Patch will be around 1.7 GB for the patch alone.
  • As usual, our current status can be found on the Koiken Otome page.

Weekly Update 25/01

Update 03/02: I’m skipping this weeks update due to there only being one item.

I’m going to be providing a weekly update post here at our site from now on. It’ll mainly just be the same things as the post Defendos does at Fuwanovel.

  • We’re moving to weekly updates for our statuses, either Friday or Saturday. This is mainly because me and Defendos are currently busy with real life. Don’t worry though, we’re always here when needed.
  • Our Mail Server is now operational. There are a few issues to work out but we can send and receive messages. General queries should be sent to [email protected], while applications should be mailed to [email protected] We also have our own personal email addresses which we will mainly use for responses to emails sent to above.
  • Prologue Quality Checking and Editing have now been completed. Stay tuned for updates about the Prologue Patch.