Hey FlyingPantsu, anyone alive over there?

The summer months were a lot busier than we expected them to be. As it turns out, people continued to be busy over the summer holidays (people finding work etc).
So what’s happening with the project?

Our main team is still here, however we’ve had a few who have had to take a leave from us due to their real life commitments. With all the heroine routes finished, all we have left is common which is currently stalled on translation (with not much to go). To help speed things up I’ve asked one of our translators from a heroine route (who was doing nothing when it was completed) to lend a helping hand with common route. Hopefully we’ll see some progress, but do remember that they also have real life commitments to take care of. Once translation is finished we expect editing to be fast and painless (assuming people have time), leaving QC as the next hurdle to cross. We’ll release more info in the future.

To repeat for those who can’t read old posts or the sidebar:

  • We will not be releasing any partial patches, the next release will be everything.
  • We do not know when the final release will be. This could be this year or the next.
  • All the heroine routes are 100% complete and ready for a final release.
  • As long as I’m still here I will do everything to ensure we have the members to complete this project (this means recruitment if needed).
  • Our current progress as of posting hasn’t changed from the last update on our project page.
  • I do read the comments section on all pages/posts (kinda hard to ignore when they come up as a mobile notification). If your comment hasn’t been answered it usually means that the information can easily be found (or I’ve just forgotten).
  • We will not be translating the Fandisk.
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  1. *keeps thumbs up*

  2. hey is this still a thing that your working on i have been waiting for a long time for this to be fully translated

  3. For all y’all that keep checking everyday, try going to the visual novels subreddit. They seem to post updates there as they happen.
    Look for the Translation Status Update/Discussion threads.

  4. Great to know! Thanks for keeping us updated! Looking forward to the finished product.

  5. Keep it going! I believe in you guys!

  6. What a relief xD knowing you guys still alive :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  7. No need to rush, i really understand with your situation.
    All i can do is believe in you guys and wait

  8. if you open some reqruitmen i advice u to post or make new thread in fuwa forum, i hope it will help u guyz.

    i will always check this web everyday

    good luck

  9. im appy to know this is still alive and i cant wait for the release 🙂

  10. Saying that you won’t drop this project is enough 🙂 although seeing that you won’t translate the Fandisk next is kinda sad. good luck guys 😀

  11. Good to know, I’m checking this website every week from the release of the prologue patch and i can’t wait to see the full patch released!

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