Hey FlyingPantsu, is that a 100% I see?

common1If you’ve taken a look at our progress on the Koiken Otome page you’ve probably noticed that translation has reached 100%. No, this isn’t a typo or some error. Koiken Otome has been fully translated into English. I’d like to give a big thanks to nfinite who, despite being swamped by real life commitments, has managed to translate most of common. Another thanks goes to accorda who took over for a little when nfinite was busy.

Unfortunately, this is where the good news gets put on hold slightly.

We still have to edit Common, which I’m hoping won’t take too long once it reaches the editors. We’ll be doing everything from edit to QC to final patch testing with our current members and don’t plan to recruit for these positions unless really needed.

Things to note for our final release:

  • As stated previously, we do not know when this will be.
  • Any screenshots posted are WIP and may not reflect the final patch quality.
  • We more than likely will not be doing any recruitment – people will mainly sign up with the idea of playing the full patch only.
  • The only file that will change between the prologue patch and final patch is data6.pack.
  • There will be a much smaller download of a few MB if you already have our Prologue patch. This will be released first as a DDL.
  • If you already have the game but not our prologue patch then the download will be around 1 GB~.
  • If you do not already have the game then the download size will be around 3.7 GB~.
  • Update: I’ve been informed that we should be able to offer a full patch that only includes the changed files. This will greatly reduce the download size which means that the above estimates are incorrect. We’ll have more details on this when we release.


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  1. Not sure if it is a stupid question, but does the full patch include the game and the translation or do I have to buy the japanese version first?

  2. Astral Trinity

    Got the patch but when I finished fighting and Akane calmed down her flames the intro played with the song after that I end up myself in some research place i guess but the text is Japanese from there??

    Any solutions?

  3. Really looking forward to it! I’ve gotten addicted to this story.

  4. I’ve error issue in previous patch, then i read in fuwanovel forum that was probability patch may cause corrupt on koiken otome scene… (btw in my case, akane route rain scene)

    I Hope flyingpantsu can fix this issue in final patch release…

    Good luck on your works guys…

  5. Is the patch really going to be released in 2019 or is that a joke?

  6. Keep up the good work guys… In the end, it’ll be all worth it. I just started the game and I’m already infested in it. I want this to continue, along with everyone else.

  7. omg ive been waiting for this since the day u released the prologue patch,,, it was a long ride,,,
    good work guys,,, i hope it will release quickly….

  8. JUST LOVE IT………

    When It Will Release On Internet?

    I Hope It Will Be Soon.

    I Have Waiting This Patch For A Year.

  9. I just finished the “Prolog” and well..
    I really like this game a lot..
    And I’ll be waiting for final release.. 😀
    Great job and keep it up!!

    please release
    but at the same time, great job guys

  11. i love u guys.. u can do it!

  12. yves a shit

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