Koiken Otome 50%+

Someya Yuzu

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but we have a few important announcements and also need a position filled.

First off I’d like to give a big thanks to the team for getting the Prologue, Akane’s and Touko’s routes translated as well as a thanks to the Translation Checkers and Editors who are working hard on their respective routes. This brings us to over 50% translation completion with TLC and editing making good progress catching up.

We believe that the Prologue is almost complete. At the time of writing the Prologue is due a final Translation Check and Edit before we release the Prologue patch. Most of the work is being done on this route and we hope to have the patch out by the end of the year assuming there are no issues.

Thanks to accorda05 the Translation on Yves route has started and is progressing steadily. We hope to move onto the Common route after the Prologue and get another patch out.

The opening is also near completion with fully translated lyrics and basic kfx. We plan on releasing this soon once it’s been checked. This won’t be the final version of the opening however, and we are in need of someone with good knowledge of creating karaoke effects to create the final version. If anyone can help us then drop an email to [email protected].

As always, check the Koiken Page, our Fuwanovel Topic or our IRC for our latest status and recruitment. Defendos will now be keeping these up to date as much as possible.

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