Koiken Otome Full Patch Released!

Who will YOU choose?

Who will YOU choose?


It’s been a long three years since Defendos, our previous loli-loving leader, asked me to help him with a Visual Novel project he wanted to start. Little did I know that this project would be plagued with so much real life misfortune. Thanks to the hard work of our members, past and present, we’ve finally reached our goal. I’d like to announce that the full patch for Koiken Otome is now available! Please give a big thanks to nfinite for spending his time to work on not just translation but also our extraction and patching tools. We couldn’t have done it without him!

Patch Notes

This release contains 40710 lines of English translated from Japanese by our translators, edited by our editors, then quality checked by our quality checkers for your enjoyment. Let’s not forget about our images which were edited by JeMhUnTeR and OakreLogic back before we released the prologue patch.
As before, we have a few things you need to note before downloading and/or playing:

  • If you already have our Prologue patch then you will only need to download the main patch file below. This also applies if you already have the vanilla game installed.
  • If you do not have our prologue patch or the game then you can download the full game below.
  • You MUST set your system to Japanese locale on all operating system versions ( Windows 7+) or the text will fail to display properly. Using Locale Emulator or AppLocale will NOT work.
  • We recommend running the VN in Windowed mode at the default resolution.
  • We also recommend using the default “Text” and “Font” settings in-game.
  • We have had to split some lines that are voiced. This means that the voice may finish during the first part and the second part will be unvoiced.
  • There are a few dialog messages that we are unable to Translate due to them being hardcoded in the Application.
  • We have included a translated settings window in the form of an image. This can be found as Settings_EN.png.
  • Even though we’ve tried our best to remove as many errors as possible it should be noted that we’re only human. If you find any obvious errors or game breaking bugs then please let us know!


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We have created our own Torrents and would like to ask that people don’t make duplicates, and instead link to and seed ours. You’re welcome to take the torrent file and host it elsewhere as long as the trackers are intact. If you notice an issue with the download links then please leave a comment!

Main Patch Only

This patch comes in the form of a self-extracting archive. Simply double click the executable file and extract into your Koiken Otome folder (where 恋剣乙女.exe is located). This is only for those who have either the vanilla game or the prologue patch already.

DDL: https://mega.nz/#!lkgXhY4J!vLVtDfRUpTiok79ny3VDLt48OrCoCOI8nFoA1_ZdVD4

Full game including the patch

This download is for those of you who do not already have Koiken Otome installed. This uses RAR5 for compression so you’ll need an up-to-date extraction tool. Simply extract it to a location of your choice and double click 恋剣乙女.exe to start.

DDL: https://mega.nz/#!ElBQjLBR!qrD1mr8eCnsgUnFd5YWu-S_bowZKpTiVFYdWbbVyzZo

Torrent: Magnet Link.


The full walkthrough can be found on our guide page here. Thanks to Corntastic and nfinite for their work on this page!



nfinite, accorda and anokutara


Corntastic, MoriSummers and ACF

Quality Checkers:

Machaoshu, Graia, NintendoToad, ArcticFox, TheSporkWithin, Isakasan, Neko_Len, Kenny and Congt

Image Translator:


Image Editors:

JeMhUnTeR and  OakreLogic

Image Quality Checkers:

ACF, Defendos and nfinite



Special Thanks:


binaryfail – big shoutout for helping us with the new method of patching.

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  1. Thank you all for your hard work translating the game!

  2. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work, i was waiting this for a long time its awesome to see it fully translated!

  3. Hi I am experiencing a fatal crash in the game, left it on in full screen and my comp went to sleep froze the game and after restart it throws errors at me in Japanese. I am really sad cause it was just getting good too. I’m on win 10 Japanese locale if that helps.
    Also thanks for the project I am sure it was very hard on all of you

  4. Any intention to work on Koiken Otome ~Revive~/Koiken Otome Fan Disc? I would love to see that translated as well.

  5. Hey man thank you for the the patch and the hardwork m8, you the real mvp

  6. Just a question but do you have any intention to translate any other VN?

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize there’s translation project for this game. I found this serendipitously. Thank you very much.

  8. Thanks for translating this game, and making the patch 😀

  9. Hey guys, I was up to a little after the peeping scene, and I tried to save data, but i couldn’t, it said no data. Can anyone help me? Qsave also didn’t seem to work.

  10. Thank for your works

  11. Hello! could you tell me how to extract the .pack, I’m trying to translate to Portuguese-br

  12. Thank you all for your hard work!

  13. Are you going to translate koiken otome revive?

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