Koiken Otome Status


It’s nearing the end of the year and the Prologue partial patch is getting closer, but not close enough for a release this year. Our TLC for Prologue has been on a break due to real-life issues and returned a few days ago. They have completed Prologue TLC and it has now moved to Editing. After Editing Prologue will need to be QCed, then a final pass to fix any errors. Our Editor for Prologue has also been swamped by real-life, but they have also returned and you should start to see some progress with them catching up to the TLCed lines.

Currently the project is at 66.68% Translated, with 28.77% Translation Checked (Prologue and Touko). Prologue TLC has been completed with 1000 lines edited and 31 of thise QCed. Defendos has been providing regular updates on the project at our post on Fuwanovel (last page) as well as the Koiken Otome page on this website. These are the best ways to stay informed of our progress.

Translation is still progressing on Yves and Yuzu but once these routes are Translated they will be left stalled due to lack of TLC. Akane is also in need of TLC and is currently stalled until our Translator finishes with Yves’ Route. If you are fluent in Japanese and have the time, then please contact us as we need TLCs before the routes can be moved to editing.

The only good news is that Touko is almost finished. At the time of writing all it needs is a final QC pass then a quick edit to fix any errors. We currently have a QC assigned to this and we are hoping we can find another editor. Obviously, there’s no point in releasing one of the routes without the Prologue and Common Route.

If anyone is waiting for the Opening to be released before the Prologue Patch then don’t get your hopes up. Defendos has been stalling it for months now and the recent test version we had was unfinished and full of errors.

We’ve had a lot of people who have joined, stayed for a few days then disappeared on us. If you are looking to apply then please only do so if you can stay until the end, or at least until you have completed your assigned route. Details on how to apply, and which positions we are currently recruiting, can be found here.

Post Updated 25th Dec: Prologue TLC Complete.

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