Koiken Otome

Here you will find information on Flying Pantsu’s first Visual Novel project; Koiken Otome.







Full Patch:

Our full patch has been released! You can find more information, along with download links, here!

Current Status:

Last Update: 07 July 2016 (Server time)


Total TL Percentage: 100.00%
40710 / 40710 Lines
Total TLC Percentage: 100.00% 
– 40710/ 40710 Lines
Total Edit Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines
Total QC Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines


  • Completed

  • Released


  • Completed

  • Released


Kamishiro Touko

  • Completed
  • Released


Yasukuni Akane

  • Completed
  • Released


Someya Yuzu

  • Completed
  • Released


Yves Elaine Austin

  • Completed
  • Released

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  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. DrDragonSlayer2

    Firstly, thanks for the translation, excellent job.

    Now on to the question, for me at least the game refuses to save, and i was wondering of you have a fix for this?

    Thanks for your time.

  3. A really big thanks to the team eho translated the game! I am not good with words, but you really have my gratitude for working so hard and bring this beautiful game to our eyes. It may be not the best or most exiting vn ever made, but it is certainly worth playing and i am enjoying it really much.
    Big thanks again 🙂

  4. Question, im loving this game, 3 days playing it straight non stop, im finishing Akane route now, and ive searched about and discovered that there is a Fandisk called Koiken Otome Revive, since i havent read past comment i dont know if theres any intention on translating it but im asking that if u can pls do, ill donate even if thats my only way of helping ! Thanks for translating such a great VN 🙂

  5. how can i save game data? i dont know how 🙁

  6. Can i play this game on Ubuntu

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