Koiken Otome

Here you will find information on Flying Pantsu’s first Visual Novel project; Koiken Otome.







Full Patch:

Our full patch has been released! You can find more information, along with download links, here!

Current Status:

Last Update: 07 July 2016 (Server time)


Total TL Percentage: 100.00%
40710 / 40710 Lines
Total TLC Percentage: 100.00% 
– 40710/ 40710 Lines
Total Edit Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines
Total QC Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines


  • Completed

  • Released


  • Completed

  • Released


Kamishiro Touko

  • Completed
  • Released


Yasukuni Akane

  • Completed
  • Released


Someya Yuzu

  • Completed
  • Released


Yves Elaine Austin

  • Completed
  • Released

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  1. I cant wait for the full release to be out, I haven’t played the prologue patch at all because I dont want to be sad when i finish it so im gonna wait for the full patch to be released, but from what I hear its gonna go beyond my expectations.

  2. Guess its time to give my support… THANK YOU FOR WORKING ON THIS AND FOR GIVING US THE PROLOGUE PATCH!!!!!!!

  3. Uwaaa.. keep up the good work.. I wish the fandisc will be translated.too..

  4. Ho this is looking good!

    If you guys keep at this pace I’m tempted to send over some drinks for you for Christmas… a Keg of it to boot!

    On a side note will you guys be thinking of translating the other Koiken Otome after this? Curious really and it’ll be understandable if you guys want to take a long break after this.

  5. When satans fall said

    not offense, but i doubt it will be release this year (which i hope to happen too).
    remember, the translation doesn’t end when they reach 100%. they also going trough TL check, editing, and quality check.
    well, even it’s need another 6 month to wait it’s still worth it!

    • I totally agree with you, it would definitely be worth it if it were to happen, but I’m pretty sure they’ll end way before that, since, at this rate, they’ll probably need 8-10 more weeks to finish the TL itself, and even if editing will maybe require a bit more, TLC and QC are quick phases, especially the latter. I think (and I hope!) 3 months and a half will be enough :mrgreen:

      • Seems like a reasonable estimate, but what about the actual process of making the patch? Is that process short or does it also take a long time?

        • Making the patch shouldn’t take long. We create text only patches for working with in around a minute. Including the images and other content for the final patch then bundling them will take a bit of time, but not that long.

  6. it’s update every 2 week, and on my time zone it was tuesday.

  7. Can’t wait for the full patch to be released. Keep up the good job, guys!!! 😛 😛 😛

  8. I wonder how much the next update will progress with these new QCs. Can’t wait!

    • Here you go, it seems we’ve got a good progress: 3485 lines have been QCed since last update.
      Can’t wait for this to finish! I hope for a Christmas present, even if it’s a lot to ask, I know.
      Just take your time to make the best work you can. I’ll eagerly look forward to this project’s completion!

  9. I’m Hope December = Translate Complete :3

  10. Your getting close to the end. I’m glad to see someone actually went through with the translation for once

  11. Thank you guys so much for all the effort you are putting in this translation

  12. I’ve completed the prologue quite a while ago. I’ve forgotten who’s who LOL looks like I need to replay from the beginning once the full translation comes out. Keep up the good work guys! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. nah, Quality Checking is a bit too slow for a December release which is weird since that should arguably be the quickest part of a translation (provided the editors did their jobs correctly and the translators didn’t make too many major mistakes)

    • No, quality checking was quite fast. The number you see up there is actually the average of all the QCers progress, some of which are afk.

  14. Can anyone give me the link to the walkthrough ??

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