Koiken Otome

Here you will find information on Flying Pantsu’s first Visual Novel project; Koiken Otome.







Full Patch:

Our full patch has been released! You can find more information, along with download links, here!

Current Status:

Last Update: 07 July 2016 (Server time)


Total TL Percentage: 100.00%
40710 / 40710 Lines
Total TLC Percentage: 100.00% 
– 40710/ 40710 Lines
Total Edit Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines
Total QC Percentage: 100.00%
– 40710 / 40710 Lines


  • Completed

  • Released


  • Completed

  • Released


Kamishiro Touko

  • Completed
  • Released


Yasukuni Akane

  • Completed
  • Released


Someya Yuzu

  • Completed
  • Released


Yves Elaine Austin

  • Completed
  • Released

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  1. Omg I have waited so long this just doesn’t seem real now, I’m crying a bit. 😥 😥
    Thank you so much for the project. :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks!I was looking forward to this game for a long time.

  3. thanks for the awesome patch! :mrgreen:

  4. EthicalGeek22

    😆 I love you guys! This is so amazing! Keep up the good work!

  5. Would you be able to provide us with a CG set that is as of equally high quality like it was in the game?

  6. Someone, if not you, needs to do the fandisk now just to complete the KO experience. Of course everyone is grateful to the max but at the same time it’s sad that some people may never experience the fandisk if nobody translates it. The fandisk is noticeably shorter, so it would be done faster. Of course, nobody is forcing anyone. I just throw it out there.

  7. Thank you, Flying Pantsu! I just got out of the hospital and I see great news, thanks so much for the translation!

  8. I would like to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH guys. I have been waiting this i think almost 3 years. bit sad to leave from this page, the struggle for waiting to meet our waifu is real 🙁 . Lastly~ thank you again and good job and God bless you 😀

  9. i cannot run the setup file on Window 7 64 bit, anyone knows a solution?? plz help me

  10. Thank you so much! gotta love you

  11. Hello flyingpantsu team, I hope your day is great!!
    I want to say to all of you that u did a great work for translating koiken otome visual novel that we waited for it for a long time ^^ you did a great job to the last to finish it!
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  12. thank you for you guys hard work 🙂

  13. Im just going to play some Pokemon Go while I wait for KO to finally hit my computer.

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