Koiken Otome Guide

Here you’ll find our guide for Koiken Otome. There’s no enforced playing order, you’re free to do as you like. However, Yves and especially Akane are the most “relevant” to the overall story and world. I would suggest playing Touko’s or Akane’s first, as some of Touko’s gets nonchalantly spoiled in the others. There are no bad ends. Choice numbers are included in the brackets.

The general game structure goes:

Prologue -> Common -> Individual Routes

The choices to get into a specific characters are all contained in Common, which starts right after the OP video. They’re all somewhat obvious, and there are no bad ends, so there’s no harm in picking whatever you feel like. However, sometimes the option for Yuzu’s route isn’t available if you don’t make the indicated choices in the prologue.


Koiken title



    • [2] Do you have a plan or something?
    • [1] I agree.
    • [1] Wholeheartedly support her.
    • Jump to:

Akane | Touko | Yuzu | Yves




Yasukuni Akane

    • [1] I guess a diligent girl?
    • [1] Stop joking around.
    • [1] Close my eyes.
    • [1] . . . look to Akane.
    • [1] Let it out inside. (Either choice, inside or out, is fine)



Yves Elaine Austin

    • [4] Maybe a little selfish?
    • [2] Maybe after we know each other more.
    • [1] You’re worried about Akane?
    • [4] . . . think about Yves.


Someya Yuzu

    • [3] A cutesy type?
    • [3] No reply.
    • [1] Of course.
    • [3] . . . look to Yuzu.

Touko05Kamishiro Touko

    • [2] Someone with a cool demeanor?
    • [1] Stop joking around.
    • [2] I came to see you.
    • [2] . . . look to Kamishiro.
    • [1] Come inside. (Either choice, inside or out, is fine)


Shibazaki Kaoru

Note: This route is a joke and does not exist.

    • [5] Effeminate ones are the best.
    • [2] Only after we know each other better.
    • [2] I can’t do this with you.
    • [1] Run after him.
    • [1] Accept him.
    • [1] Pitch. (Either choice, pitch or catch is fine)
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  1. Is the Kaoru route a lie? I can’t get it, even after I’ve played all the other routes to completion.

    I want my trap route…

  2. Is Kaoru’s “route” only available after you’ve finished all the other ones or something? I’ve finished 2 routes of yet and was thinking about trying it now but the “[5] Effeminate ones are the best” option doesn’t seem to appear for me at least

    Unless the whole thing was just a joke but I’ve seen other sites have walkthroughs for it too so that’d be pretty weird..

  3. I’ve finished all the other routes, but despite that, still can’t access Kaoru’s route? Am I being trolled? ;-;

  4. The Shibazaki Kaoru route isn’t real, don’t get your hopes up.

  5. Even after finishing the 4 main routes and starting new game again i can’t get Kaoru.
    Someone help?
    How do i get Kaoru? I don’t have the ”effemminate choice” and i can’t get the route.
    I finished all 4 routes so the extra should be avaiable…

  6. I hope Kaoru reverse trap 😆
    and thanks for guide btw

  7. Who will do a video walkthrough in the following route in youtube? I want to watch it since my laptop is too slow to download this game.

  8. I got kicked into Akane’s route instead of Yuzu’s when I chose “The cutesy type”, anybody else have this problem?

    • have you tried picking all the indicated choices in the prologue? as the guide says that “However, sometimes the option for Yuzu’s route isn’t available if you don’t make the indicated choices in the prologue.”

  9. Thanks for the guide, it helps me a lot

  10. Admiral_Mikan

    Wait……Kaoru is “heroine” too? All of sudden, I remember about that troll Cross Days ending kek.

  11. i couldn’t wait and just skipped to the first choice selection but there were only 4 choices there not five.

    stop messing with my heart like that…

  12. if the last one is really a heroine then im going his route first.

  13. You guys even made a guide for us. You guys are seriously the best. Also, what is this Kaoru route? xD is it some kind of “extra” or something?

  14. Wait…that dude is a heroine…?
    Is that some sort of late Aprils fools joke?…

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