Koiken Otome Guide

Here you’ll find our guide for Koiken Otome. There’s no enforced playing order, you’re free to do as you like. However, Yves and especially Akane are the most “relevant” to the overall story and world. I would suggest playing Touko’s or Akane’s first, as some of Touko’s gets nonchalantly spoiled in the others. There are no bad ends. Choice numbers are included in the brackets.

The general game structure goes:

Prologue -> Common -> Individual Routes

The choices to get into a specific characters are all contained in Common, which starts right after the OP video. They’re all somewhat obvious, and there are no bad ends, so there’s no harm in picking whatever you feel like. However, sometimes the option for Yuzu’s route isn’t available if you don’t make the indicated choices in the prologue.


Koiken title



    • [2] Do you have a plan or something?
    • [1] I agree.
    • [1] Wholeheartedly support her.
    • Jump to:

Akane | Touko | Yuzu | Yves




Yasukuni Akane

    • [1] I guess a diligent girl?
    • [1] Stop joking around.
    • [1] Close my eyes.
    • [1] . . . look to Akane.
    • [1] Let it out inside. (Either choice, inside or out, is fine)



Yves Elaine Austin

    • [4] Maybe a little selfish?
    • [2] Maybe after we know each other more.
    • [1] You’re worried about Akane?
    • [4] . . . think about Yves.


Someya Yuzu

    • [3] A cutesy type?
    • [3] No reply.
    • [1] Of course.
    • [3] . . . look to Yuzu.

Touko05Kamishiro Touko

    • [2] Someone with a cool demeanor?
    • [1] Stop joking around.
    • [2] I came to see you.
    • [2] . . . look to Kamishiro.
    • [1] Come inside. (Either choice, inside or out, is fine)


Shibazaki Kaoru

Note: This route is a joke and does not exist.

    • [5] Effeminate ones are the best.
    • [2] Only after we know each other better.
    • [2] I can’t do this with you.
    • [1] Run after him.
    • [1] Accept him.
    • [1] Pitch. (Either choice, pitch or catch is fine)
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  1. I can’t get last two scenes of akane memory, the last one of the third and fith, so anybody know how to?

  2. Thikas2planks

    Anyone know whether they are gonna translate the fan disk?

  3. > Kaoru route
    > “Only after we know each other better”
    > “I can’t do this with you”
    > ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    11/10 would do nonexistent route again

  4. on the fuwanovel “guide” page it does say there is a bonus route. Not sure how true that is though.

  5. No teacher route?
    I’m disappointed.

  6. Nice, Kaoru’s route is pretty good route. It’s definitely my favorite route in this eroge.

  7. Excuse me~~ how to trigger the event of the side-characters (Chiharu, Chiyoda and Minato) coz in the VNDB they have “Sexually Engage” description :3

    Link: https://vndb.org/v10608/chars#chars

  8. oh no, i saw koaru’s boobs on the games dlsite. its not a trap, god damn it

  9. Just asking, whether there is uncensored patch?.

  10. kaoru route is deff a joke, its not in the other walktroughs, only those who prob copied this one. and just look at the choises, especially the last one XD

  11. The choice for the Kaoru route isnt shown even after clearing the other 4. Did i miss something?

  12. I Played all the routes and completed but i cant do the kaoru route i really want to do that route…its a bug or something? 🙁

  13. I’m following the instructions for Touko’s route exactly but it keeps kicking me to Akane’s route at the 3rd option. That choice isn’t there, instead I’m in a scene with Akane with her 3rd option instead.

  14. Having a bit of trouble getting the Shibazaki Kaoru route to work. Followed everyone else’s to the letter in the guide but the option for “Effeminate ones are the best” is never an option when getting to that point on a new playthrough. Looking at the “Memory” section under “Extras” all of the characters are missing 2 scenes, yet under the “Album” area they have everything. Any ideas what’s going wrong here?

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