Merry Christmas!

Just letting everyone know we are, in fact, alive. Progress may have slowed practically to a halt, but that’s because it’s Christmas! Christmas, AKA, vacation time, final exams, etc. If you stick with me through this whole short post, I’ll give you a Christmas present.

The biweekly update is up. As usual, we have no ETA for a final release, and we’re not going to translate the fandisk. There’s a YouTuber translating the main route of the fandisk anyway, although none of us have looked at it. As always, you can find us on our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on Rizon.


Thank you for reading, merry Christmas from Flying Pantsu!



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  1. That’s just so wrong it’s not funny that picture.

    As for your slow progress.

    Don’t care as we all have life to deal with so take your time than rushing it.

  2. Thanks for the update!
    Always appreciate TLs giving us a heartbeat.
    Merry Christmas/happy new year!

  3. Moonlight_Eclipse

    Merry Christmas, and almost happy new year!!

  4. Merry Christmas, vacations for everyone!!!!!!! JK hahaha

  5. why u gotta be DARUDE

    Merry Christmas! n’ an advanced happy new year to all of you!!

  6. Best wishes to you guys for the coming year. 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas, still waiting for final released
    aw too bad, you guys are not going to TL the fandisc.

  8. Merry Christmas!

  9. That ending pic thru…

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