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We prefer that those contacting us and those in the project use IRC to keep in touch. IRC allows all our members to be connected to one central place where we can discuss things live.

I’ve created this page as a guide to show you how to connect to IRC using Mibbit, a free and easy to use web based client.

Quick Method

If you would like to join simply to say hello or ask a question then the Mibbit Widget will get you connected quickly and easily. Simply click on this link (http://widget.mibbit.com/?server=irc.rizon.net&channel=%23Pantsu-VN) and you will be asked to enter a Nickname.

Remember to change this Default nickname!

Remember to change this Default nickname!

Simply change this default nickname (otherwise you wont be able to enter the Channel) and click ‘Connect’. You’ll be able to chat with us using the White bar at the bottom.

Advanced Setup

To start, click on this link (http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/) and you will be taken to the Mibbit page.

The Main Mibbit page

The Main Mibbit page

Here you will want to change the three boxes in the centre. Remove the apostrophes (‘) from below if you are copying and pasting.

  • The drop-down menu next to connect should be changed to ‘Rizon [webirc]’.
  • The ‘Nick’ box should contain the nickname you would like to use.
  • Finally, the ‘Channel’ box should contain ‘#Pantsu-VN’.
The boxes should look like this

The boxes should look like this

To join, just click on the ‘Connect’ button next to the ‘Channel’ box and you should join the channel.


If you get the message above then that means your nickname is in use. You will have to pick another one then click ‘OK’.

That’s it, you can now talk in the channel using the white bar at the bottom. To send a Private Message (PM) either click on the person’s nick to the right and select ‘PM’ or use the following command ‘/query [nick] [message]’ without the []. A new tab will open up and you will have a private chat open.

Registering your Nickname and Auto-logging in

With everything set up it might be a good idea to register your nickname and have Mibbit log you in automatically. If you refresh or close your browser you will have to type in all the information again. This can get annoying.

Firstly, you will need to register your nickname with Rizon.

Type ‘/msg nickserv register [password] [email]’ into the chat box and press enter.

  • In the command change [password] to the password you want to log in with and change [email] to a valid email address you have access to. Remember to remove the [].
  • The forward slash tells IRC that it’s a command. Nobody else can see these messages.

You should get an email in a minute to the email address you registered with.

Copy and paste the command in the email which should look similar to this: ‘/msg nickserv confirm [code]’

Your nickname should now be registered and only you will be able to login.

To get Mibbit to sign you in automatically you will need to create an account.

At the top right of the Mibbit window you will see ‘Login | Create an account’. Click on ‘Create an Account’ and sign up.


After doing this you should now see ‘Account | Prefs | Profile | Channels | Logs’ at the top right. If not then click on the ‘Login’ button.

Click on ‘Account’ and a new tab will open up.

Scroll down until you find ‘My IRC accounts’. This will tell Mibbit to auto-log you in when you join the server. Set it up as below:

  • The ‘Server’ box should be ‘irc.rizon.net:6667’.
  • The ‘Nick’ box is the nickname you joined IRC with.
  • The ‘Pass’ is the password you signed up with when you done the ‘/msg nickserv register’ command.
  • ‘Auth Method’ should be ‘NickServ’ and ‘Charset’ should be ‘UTF-8’.

Click on Save Changes when you have filled in the fields.


ss (2013-11-30 at 11.06.13)

Change the ‘Nick’ and ‘Pass’ fields to match yours.

The last step is to have it auto-join the server and connect to a channel. At the top right click on ‘Channels’.

  • The ‘Server’ should be ‘irc.rizon.net:6667’.
  • The ‘Channels’ field should contain ‘#Pantsu-VN’. If you ever join any other channels then this can be modified. Putting a comma (,) between the channels will allow you to join multiple channels e.g. ‘#Pantsu-VN,#fuwanovel’.
  • ‘Auto connect’ should be ticked.

Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button then refresh your browser.


Remember to include the port in the server box: irc.rizon.net:6667

If everything has worked then you will find yourself logged in and connected to our channel.

If you need any help then leave a comment below.

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