More Recruitment!

Yuzu route is finally finished, and that means it’s time for another edition of QC recruitment! She’s the protagonist’s busty childhood friend who’s just cute as a button. She’s the host of our favourite page, the 404 page.

What we’ll need from potential applicants is:

  • Activity: we use IRC to do all of our communication, so you’ll need to be active and around on that (all our work is on a shared spreadsheet though). Mibbit just won’t cut it for a team member.
  • Critical reading skills: For quality checking! You need to be able to read the script and catch all the errors someone might have left behind.
  • Fluency in English: We’re checking the edited translation, remember.
  • 6 degrees in varying fields and 8-10 years of work experience per degree in an irrelevant field: Our sponsors require that we stifle applicants. SORRY.

As a QC, you’ll be reading through Yuzu route, as I’ve stated. What this means is, you’ll be skipping the common route and going straight into a character route. While the common route isn’t important for this, if you’re really excited to read this when we release, please don’t apply because of spoilers.

Potential applicants can come to our IRC channel, #pantsu-vn on Rizon, and ask either for me (corntastic) or ACF. Someone should be able to help you and link you the test.


Yuzu hopes you’ll help her be the best route she can be!


  1. I’ll be on the lookout like a hawk for when everything is fully completed. Your hard work is much appreciated. What’s an estimate for how long until everything is complete?

  2. i’ll be looking forward for Patch Final release

  3. Kamishiro touko is the best one route and i m looking forward for the final release to play all routes

  4. Really looking forward to the final release!Thanks

  5. It appears that you are not preloading the image used on 404 page, resulting in a slight flash of grey, and the animation is thus not seen.

    For reference as how to preload css background, a quick google search gave me this:
    Stack Overflow – Preloading CSS Background Images

  6. I totally would love to apply, but I’ve been looking forward to this since the announcement of the translation and I can’t spoil any of it for myself >_<

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