Our current status

Due to this being the month of hell (exams and assignments) progress on editing is currently stalled until May. Once I’m free (second week in May) I’ll be taking over editing on common and looking to release either the same month or the beginning of the next (but don’t quote me on that). Common is currently being quality checked and my edit will be considered final.

There are a few things various members will be doing between now and then:

  • Nfinite is working on updating our patcher. This includes a few fixes but also a new method of patching which will mean that all you have to download are the changed files. Obviously this will decrease the download size considerably.
  • Common will be quality checked by machaoshu. Both of us have exams so this will start soon.
  • I’ll need to read through prologue again…

Things to note:

  • I want to release in the time frame I’ve stated but we do have lives (unbelievable, right?) so who knows what will happen.
  • There more than likely won’t be any progress updates on the Koiken page until May.
  • A few people believe that the world revolves around them and that we should have finished by now. I’ll release when I think we’re done.
  • Someone really doesn’t like us/me and has been attempting to DoS the server. We’ve obviously fell victim to it a few times, but thanks to the host and CloudFlare we should be good now. If you notice a captcha then that is CloudFlare doing its job.
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  1. Awesome! Been following you guys for a while and I’m glad to see some kind of rough estimate of release!

    Best of luck with your exams, luckily I’ve only got one this year x.x

  2. Really I must thank you. Your Estimated release date is like a saving grace from heaven after I have five test that are three hours each. Now I will get to enjoy the VN after the tests from Satan’s anus. You guys are awesome!!!

  3. Take your time guys, Some good people really appreciate your work knowing that you guys are doing this for free.
    Thanks for all the hard work and good luck with the exams

  4. @ACF, >I’ll need to read through prologue again… (as if that’s so hard XD), btw i will be joining irc in summer again (also having exams but not from hell but from heaven:D)

  5. Thanks for the update,good luck guys

  6. Good Luck on your exams and stay healthy and safe. Thanks for your hard work.

  7. Good luck with your assignments and other affairs and as always thank you for the great work.

  8. Good luck on your exams!

    Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying Seinarukana. 😀

  9. Good to know that project is alive.

    Take your time and good luck with exams.

  10. Bunch of desperate children they are receiving this patch for free and here they are acting like they own the translation.

    Take it easy TL group we have already waited a lot, we can wait a bit more.

  11. Awesome, thanks for all the work.

    Good luck on your exams.

  12. Someone’s DoSing the servers huh? Someone must be pretty desperate. Good luck on exams, those end up being really rough depending on your field of study.

  13. Plot twist: DoSer is your teacher trying to make you revise instead of working on the patch.
    In all seriousness though, good luck with your remaining exams, and thanks for your work 🙂

  14. Yo, goodluck with exams mate and take your time :-), atleast u arent giving up on the project thats still good news for me.

    Goodluck with exams to you and the team

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