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Due to this being the month of hell (exams and assignments) progress on editing is currently stalled until May. Once I’m free (second week in May) I’ll be taking over editing on common and looking to release either the same month or the beginning of the next (but don’t quote me on that). Common is currently being quality checked and my edit will be considered final.

There are a few things various members will be doing between now and then:

  • Nfinite is working on updating our patcher. This includes a few fixes but also a new method of patching which will mean that all you have to download are the changed files. Obviously this will decrease the download size considerably.
  • Common will be quality checked by machaoshu. Both of us have exams so this will start soon.
  • I’ll need to read through prologue again…

Things to note:

  • I want to release in the time frame I’ve stated but we do have lives (unbelievable, right?) so who knows what will happen.
  • There more than likely won’t be any progress updates on the Koiken page until May.
  • A few people believe that the world revolves around them and that we should have finished by now. I’ll release when I think we’re done.
  • Someone really doesn’t like us/me and has been attempting to DoS the server. We’ve obviously fell victim to it a few times, but thanks to the host and CloudFlare we should be good now. If you notice a captcha then that is CloudFlare doing its job.
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  1. I regret playing Prologue, now I can’t wait for rest 🙁

  2. Hyped for this. Loved the Prologue.

  3. I'm not joking at all

    How to donate?

  4. I Think i saw in FlyingPantsu IRC Channel, That they “might” release the Full patch on June 5th, but it says “Let’s Say June 5th” Something along those lines,So i guess it’s not the Official date it can be earlier or later. Anyway after waiting for so long at last almost there! Keep up guys And goodluck

  5. Finished my exam project, now on to documentation, so booring doing documentation :/ goodluck on exams guys ^_^

  6. UltrimaniusReallyLovesVNs

    I love you guys – I’ve been waiting for this since 2013, and you’ve done a brilliant job so far. I wish you all the best on your exams!

  7. Nice Nice, I Hope You Release It Before June Because it will be hard for me to play it while im doing my school works. it’s not like im making you guys hurry and release it, i just hope you release it this month. Anyway Great Work this last few years of translating the VN Were Almost at the finish line And Goodluck at the Exam. 😛

  8. Message For The Team: When will be the next update and how many more updates to go?

  9. The wait for FFXV was actually only 3 years or so.

    What we were waiting for for so long was FF versus XIII before it was changed to be FFXV.

    • You know what I meant. I suppose if I said FF versus XIII, you would have said it was cancelled/changed to FF15.

      • I understand what you meant, but i think the way you said it is wrong.

        We have waited for FFXV for around 3 years, before that we waited for Versus XIII which should have been a different game.
        Even though now Versus XIII changed to FFXV, it doesn’t change the fact that we have waited for almost 7 years for Versus XIII and not FFXV.

        • Either way my patience is endless. My only hope it’s not half assed. Too much to ask perhaps? The FF series has been spiraling in a cesspool lately.

          • I really hope so too, 10 years ago i would have expected something good, but SE changed a lot in the last decade.

            Still, i don’t think it will end up being half assed, the backlash it the game end up being half assed will be huge.

            Making everyone wait for 10 years for a game and give them a half assed game, i think if that happen i think i will quite the internet for a while 😛

            Some other developers did thing like that, but none of them had a huge franchise like FF in their hand and none of them trolled peoples for so long either, but they still got quite the backlash in the end.

  10. I’ve waited over 10 years for FF15 to come out. This is a cake walk.

  11. i know exam can be stressfull..good luck guys, i just finished my exam last week, now im on my semester break

  12. Woah, didn’t notice we already were in 2020!

    Jokes aside, good job. Really. I’ve been following you for a while now, and I really appreciate what you guys did/do for us.

    Good luck with your exams, and don’t let this awesome project distract you from revising! Not too much, at least 😎

  13. Good luck! I’ve been waiting for a year already, what’s a month more~ I’m just glad there’s a date set. I’m definitely looking forwards to the result.

  14. Goodluck with ur exams !

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