Our current status

Due to this being the month of hell (exams and assignments) progress on editing is currently stalled until May. Once I’m free (second week in May) I’ll be taking over editing on common and looking to release either the same month or the beginning of the next (but don’t quote me on that). Common is currently being quality checked and my edit will be considered final.

There are a few things various members will be doing between now and then:

  • Nfinite is working on updating our patcher. This includes a few fixes but also a new method of patching which will mean that all you have to download are the changed files. Obviously this will decrease the download size considerably.
  • Common will be quality checked by machaoshu. Both of us have exams so this will start soon.
  • I’ll need to read through prologue again…

Things to note:

  • I want to release in the time frame I’ve stated but we do have lives (unbelievable, right?) so who knows what will happen.
  • There more than likely won’t be any progress updates on the Koiken page until May.
  • A few people believe that the world revolves around them and that we should have finished by now. I’ll release when I think we’re done.
  • Someone really doesn’t like us/me and has been attempting to DoS the server. We’ve obviously fell victim to it a few times, but thanks to the host and CloudFlare we should be good now. If you notice a captcha then that is CloudFlare doing its job.
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  1. can i ask how you guys translate a game interface?

  2. When you say that your edits are final, does that mean that they won’t need to be QC’d?

  3. UUUGGGGGUUUUU~~ keep up the good work and thank YOU flying pantsu team for translating!!! wishing for the best of you all and your exams! ganbatte! minna-san!!

  4. Great job. Thank you for your hard work.

  5. Hi, i’d like to acknowledge your efforts and contribute by making a small donation, not sure if you guys accept that.. and if yes, what medium? really glad that this is finally coming close to completion!

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