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Firstly, to answer the question that a lot of people have been wondering:

No, we are not dead.

To quote from accorda05 on Reddit earlier this week, this is the reason why it looks like we’re making no progress and why we aren’t bothering to update the progress on our site:

“Most of the progress has been low key stuff like QCing so it looks like we’re not doing anything but we definitely are. That being said progress is slow because many of our members are in school. Translation wise, nfinite can finish the last 5% in 2 weeks if he wanted to so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to 95% thing.”

We are currently focusing on the QC side of things which will only be updated once each of our QCs have had their respective passes and the route has begun it’s final pass to implement the fixes suggested during QC. The last 5% of the translation could be finished quickly but if we did that everyone would assume we’re close to a release, even though we still have editing and QC passes after (for both Common and the other routes).

Finally, if this project is ever dropped you will hear it directly from us and we will also most likely release our scripts to an interested party so they can continue the project. Give us time, help us out if we’re recruiting, and wait for the results.

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  1. I am pretty desperate in that i will soon not have time to PLAY, however i CAN make time for helping, i am good at things such as quality checking, bug fixing and i have a pretty basic understanding of japanese if you all need help.

  2. May I know where to get it?

  3. Keep Up Guy’s I’ll Waiting This VN Until I Die

  4. ssss, and good luck n good job for you all(sorry 4 my bad english)

  5. Should i delete it or should i wait… 😕

  6. It’s still alive!!

  7. Good job and good luck!

  8. Just played the prologue and it was amazing! Keep up the good work. I´m looking forward to play the full game when it´s finished translating.

  9. Etto….. how long i wonder will it take?
    o-o cuz…. i have been checking almost every tuesdays now just for a measly small pinch of new post that might appear on here.
    Also, please continue and finish the work, all of you worked hard thus i ask please see it to the end!

  10. Coffee is ready

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