Recruiting QCs

It’s time for some more QCing! We’re opening up applications for QC positions again, join our IRC channel (#pantsu-vn @ rizon) and ask for corntastic or ACF, they’ll give you the test for the position. All we ask is that you be fluent in English, active on our IRC, and possess critical reading skills. You’ll need to have read the prologue patch we released and also be in possession of an UNPATCHED installation.

9/9 Edit: QC entries are closed. If you have any questions, come by our IRC channel.

Updates and Announcements

First of all, we’ll be updating the progress every second Tuesday, as we have been doing. We’re forging steadily ahead so there should be progress on every route most updates. All of our status updates can be found on this page.


Second, some announcements. There are a lot of questions that are asked and answered in the comments (sometimes multiple times) or elsewhere that aren’t very clear, so I just want to lay them out.

  • We are not using machine TL. We have quite a few competent translators and they’re translating the entire script by hand. You can read more about that incident and the things leading up to it here.
  • We will not be releasing any more partial patches. Next release is the final release, minus any fixes or updates.
  • We don’t know when that final release will be. Sorry. We’re doing the best we can, but there’s no point asking us when because we don’t know.
  • There are some errors in Akane and Touko routes if you use our patch, we’ll have those fixed for the final release. If you really want to play ahead, please use the original non-patched version.
  • As of this time, we will not be translating the fandisk. You can get as much out of the game interpreting it in Japanese as you could by reading it in English.

Any questions already answered in this post will be deleted from now on.

Remember to join our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on Rizon; someone’s usually always there.

Translation Checker Recruitment

Apologies for making so many topics on this subject, but our group is recruiting yet again for a translation checker. You will be responsible for looking over raw translated lines for accuracy. This position requires a good understanding of Japanese, so please refrain from applying if you’re just trying to learn how to speak Japanese. If you are interested in helping us out, swing by our IRC channel at #pantsu-vn on the @Rizon network. Someone there will be happy to help you out. If you need assistance in joining the channel, check our Mibbit guide, or post a comment. Thanks for reading.

We’re still alive + Recruitment

Hey all, just a short post to say that we’re still alive and working on the project. I’ve been too busy to write any posts, but you’ll find that I update the Koiken Otome page around twice a month now. If you need anything, we’re still active on IRC and can be contacted there.

I’d also like to point out our new recruitment positions that have just became available, thanks to the completion of the editing on Yves. We’re looking for new Quality Checkers to join us and proofread this route, skipping Prologue and Common. If you’re interested, and as always, you can contact us on IRC to apply or for more details.

Weekly Update 26/02

Again, I’ve skipped some updates due to there not being anything new to add. It’s the same this week, but I thought I’d inform everyone.

  • We’re moving to Wednesday updates now, since Defendos has more time.
  • Prologue is stalled at the Opening, as usual. If Oystein doesn’t return in time, hopefully Defendos will be able to use the files he left behind. We might have to release without it, if necessary.
  • Our Main Route Translator, nfinite, is making some changes to the patcher instead of Translating. When we release our next patch (after Prologue) this new Patcher should mean that you only have to download the changed files. The changed files are around 500 MB in size, whereas the Prologue Patch will be around 1.7 GB for the patch alone.
  • As usual, our current status can be found on the Koiken Otome page.

Weekly Update 08/02

I skipped last week’s update due to there not being much. Here’s this weeks:

  • Nfinite, our Translator for Common, has been on holiday this week and thus no progress has been made (unless he was working offline while he was away).
  • We are currently a Translation Checker and Editor down due to RL circumstances. You can expect progress to be slower until these are resolved.
  • The Prologue Patch is currently waiting on a few images fixes and the Opening Video. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these.
  • There has been low progress on Yuzu this week but it looks like they are working offline and have yet to upload anything.
  • No Progress on Yves editing due to this being a busy week for the Editor.
  • I’m from the UK so my date format is Day/Month.
  • I’d like to give a thank you to JeMhUnTeR for helping with this site. He made us the banners you see above as well as our ‘Not Found’ page. I hope to abuse him some more.

Weekly Update 25/01

Update 03/02: I’m skipping this weeks update due to there only being one item.

I’m going to be providing a weekly update post here at our site from now on. It’ll mainly just be the same things as the post Defendos does at Fuwanovel.

  • We’re moving to weekly updates for our statuses, either Friday or Saturday. This is mainly because me and Defendos are currently busy with real life. Don’t worry though, we’re always here when needed.
  • Our Mail Server is now operational. There are a few issues to work out but we can send and receive messages. General queries should be sent to [email protected], while applications should be mailed to [email protected] We also have our own personal email addresses which we will mainly use for responses to emails sent to above.
  • Prologue Quality Checking and Editing have now been completed. Stay tuned for updates about the Prologue Patch.

Server Migration

We’ve been offline for a few days due to moving the site to a new server. There might still be some downtime to come but it looks like nothing was lost in the transfer process. Please note that any emails sent to will not reach us as the mail server hasn’t been set up yet, so if you want to contact us please either leave a comment or join our IRC. If you notice any issues then please leave a comment.

An Executive Decision

We enjoy the freedom of transparency when we post work-in-progress information both in our IRC channel, here, and on the FuwaNovel forums. To some extent, the criticism we have received has been warranted – the only caveat being that WIP snapshots were presumed to reflect the quality of the final product. We still wish to be transparent and let everyone know that we actually are concerned about the quality of our work. In light of recent events, and after much internal debate, we are deciding to refuse further contributions to the project from Joshyan.

You can skip the following paragraph if you don’t care about drama. Read more »

Koiken Otome Status


It’s nearing the end of the year and the Prologue partial patch is getting closer, but not close enough for a release this year. Our TLC for Prologue has been on a break due to real-life issues and returned a few days ago. They have completed Prologue TLC and it has now moved to Editing.  Read more »