Prepping the patch


Well, we’ve done it. Koiken Otome is now at the stage where we’re ready for release.

We’ll need a bit to:

  • Finalize some lines (two of them).
  • Fix the patcher.
  • Create the patch.
  • Test it to make sure you can get from the start to finish, and that everything has been included (can’t be missing those images for example).
  • Yell at ISP to fix upload speed.
  • Upload the patches to our server.
  • Create the torrents and upload the patches to a file host.
  • And finally to create the post and release the patch to the world!


  • We’re using a new method of patching which has reduced the patch size to 27mb for those with the game already e.g. Prologue patch.
  • The pre-patched version will be around 4.3 GB in size.
  • There will be a pre-patched torrent and a pre-patched DDL. There will also be a DDL for the patch files only.
  • We’re not being licenced by MangaGamer, JAST or SekaiProject. I hate these companies with a passion.
  • We’ll take as long as we want to release our final patch. This is our baby that we’ve been working on for the past 3 years.
  • Comment filter is set to as high as possible.
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  1. O'Nyanmaru-sama

    All hail Flying Pantsu, HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!

  2. Rapid Pressing the F5 button !!! wwwwwwwwww

  3. It says the torrent was denied by NYAA…. is that going to delay the release, or are you just going to share the DDL links first?

  4. It’s Happening Guys all we need is the post!

  5. Why u do dis nyaa
    hyping when site is updating something

  6. I am waiting in a dark room while patting my cat.

  7. “upload the patches to a file host.” is crossed. The wait begins

  8. Sooooooo close. Now that the patch is uploaded. I can smell it comin’.

  9. It says it’s uploaded to their servers but I wonder when they will share the link?

    • As you can see, they still have to Create the torrents and upload the patches to a file host which shouldn’t take too long if they can seed it. I’d check back tomorrow.

    • Assuming its the “And finally to create the post and release the patch to the world!” part.

      • HuckleMyBerries

        That less of an actual step and more of an announcement that says “hey guys its been here for awhile but I forgot to tell you, just letting you know” kinda thing. So you can think of the uploading onto file hosting sites step is more or less the final step. At least thats how I take it

  10. HuckleMyBerries


  11. Not A Suspicious Old Man

    It’s almost here!!!
    Thank you Flying Pantsu!
    I Love Ya!

  12. Just finished re-reading the prologue for the first time since it first came out, and now I’m refreshing the front page here every 5 minutes! THANK YOU SO FRIKING MUCH for all your hard work!!!!

  13. The jig is up guys.

  14. Alchemicalhaze

    Can’t wait! I am so excited right now, I’m re-reading prologue even though I just finished it last night. 😀 Thanks for all the hard work, and the constant updates!

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