QC Applicant’s Preferences for Pantsu

Abstract: Of 60 total applicants (45 after pruning) for the position of Quality Checker over two testing periods, it was determined that the most popular style of pantsu was “striped”, with the second most popular being “black with lace and frills”. Statistics were drawn from such factors as email domain, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and their choice of “best girl” from the popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Corntastic, ACF, 2014.

Introduction: The QC test in question featured two pages. The first page sought to gather general background information on the applicant, such as their name, email, age, beliefs on religious values, etc. The second page tested their competency for Quality Checking. Of importance is the second to last question, “In no less than 25 characters, describe the best panties.” Applicants were asked to describe their favourite panties in long form. This study seeks to establish correlations between other given answers and those preferences.

Materials and Methods: Participants were drawn from 4 sources, however their is significant overlap between them. The sources are the websites Reddit.com; Flyingpantsu.net; Forums.fuwanovel.com; and Fuwanovel’s affiliate blog, Visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org. Participants were collected over two instances, from June 3rd to June 5th 2014, and from September 6th to September 9th 2014. As not all questions were required, some responses were culled. The culled responses consisted of “troll” responses, either by myself or intimates that did not contain realistic or serious answers; or answers that did not fill out enough information to draw meaningful conclusions, especially if the missing information was regarding pantsu. The written responses to the panties question was broken down into the quantitative qualities specific (meaning a specific person or characters panties), plain, white, black, striped, lace, frilly, sexy, patterned, ribbons, garter belt, animals, no panties worn (NoPan), or no preference.

Results and Discussion: Of the 45 participants, the majority’s gender was male, with 1 trap, 1 unsure, 1 loli, 2 females, and 3 “others”. 7 did not give their gender. The quantitative summary of their responses are shown in figure 1, with figure 2 being everyone’s quantitative summary of their pantsu preferences.

Figure 1: Summary of normalized response data
Figure 2: Sum of quantitated panty responses. Note that there are overlaps (For example, one could specify both black AND lace, as was common).

What stands out the most is the linkage between black panties, lace, and frills. Of the 9 times black panties were mentioned, 7 of those times it was with lace, and 5 of those times it was with lace and frills. Only twice was lace not mentioned with black (was mentioned with pink and white panties respectively). Frills were only mentioned with black panties, except for one occasion relating to plain white panties.

Gmail users tended to have a preference for their type of panty (as opposed to no preference), liking stripes slightly more than average and liking black with lace and frills less than the average. No Hotmail users liked black panties, preferring plain, striped, or no preference. Yahoo users liked either plain or black with lace and frills only. This is a unique insight into client usage. One can infer that Hotmail users are younger or more immature, seeking more colours or merely the sight of a panty, contrary to Yahoo’s more mature taste in adult-style lingerie. Gmail users are probably a mix of ages. This is supported by the age data, which gives the average values for Hotmail as the lowest (12), Yahoo as the highest (14.25), and gmail in the middle (13.6). Keep in mind that these are martian years (roughly half of Earth years).

Choice of best girl had no correlation with choice of panty. Nor did race, sexuality, or ethnicity. This is surprising, as the four choices (Imouto, Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru) are all wildly different and likely wear different panties. Likewise, different cultures have different views on panties as well. However, there were no such correlations in this data set.

Of note was the “specific panties” option. Two applicants submitted images. The first was of the character Illya wearing plain panties with a ribbon. The second was an unidentified character wearing only a ribbon as panties. Of the other 6 applicants, 3 mentioned the best panties belong to their “waifu”, however of those only one indicated they were in wedlock.

Conclusion: With some more analysis, we of Flying Pantsu have determined that everyone one of these responses¹ were wrong and their waifu’s are shit They’ve all since been banned from this site and most of the internet. As everyone knows, the best pantsu are Flying Pantsu.

Reference List:

Goodman, F. (2014). MLG GUIDE TO LOLI ANUS. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIqzxNUoX54

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¹ There was one applicant who suggested that Flying Pantsu were the best pantsu. He currently holds the key to the city as an award for such insight.

  1. lool this made my day

    nice way of recruiting ;d must be motivating to the QCers!

  2. this was very funny to read, and the research for the sake of knowing what type of pantsu people like is awesome 😀

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