Recruiting for Koiken Otome


If you haven’t heard already we are badly in need of editors for Koiken Otome. The translators are going all out and leaving the editors and translation checkers in the dust.

We are looking for more editors who can help us in the Prologue, Touko’s and Akane’s routes. Anyone with experience in English (even if it isn’t your main language) are welcomed to join and we hope that you can spend a few hours a week helping us get through the backlog. We won’t be able to release a prologue patch until the lines are all satisfactory.

We are also looking for at least one translation checker for the Prologue and at least one for Akane’s route. Anyone wishing to help should have knowledge of the Japanese language and be able to identify and rectify mistakes in the Translation. The Prologue is our main priority for translation checking.

We could also use another Quality Checker or two for all routes. The quality checker goes over the lines the editors have worked on and suggests changes that can be made. Again, good English is a must.

Finally, we could use a Translator or two to get started on the Common route and Yuzu’s route. We’d prefer it if the Translator didn’t go all out though. If you are looking for something to do for a few hours a week then this could be it.

If you can help us in any way then there are 4 contact methods you could pick from to get in touch:

Thanks to everyone who is following this project. We’ll get this out, even if it kills us.

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