Recruiting QCs

It’s time for some more QCing! We’re opening up applications for QC positions again, join our IRC channel (#pantsu-vn @ rizon) and ask for corntastic or ACF, they’ll give you the test for the position. All we ask is that you be fluent in English, active on our IRC, and possess critical reading skills. You’ll need to have read the prologue patch we released and also be in possession of an UNPATCHED installation.

9/9 Edit: QC entries are closed. If you have any questions, come by our IRC channel.

  1. I went to the irc, but no one was there. Is there a certain time frame?

  2. I’d love to work on this, so, can I still apply? Just have to read the prologue patch.

  3. Is the recruitment still ongoing? If so, how much time do I have left to apply? I have yet to read the prologue patch >_<

  4. How much work are we talking? Because i’m still in college so I have classes and homework to worry about, but i’d still like to help.

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