Weekly Update 25/01

Update 03/02: I’m skipping this weeks update due to there only being one item.

I’m going to be providing a weekly update post here at our site from now on. It’ll mainly just be the same things as the post Defendos does at Fuwanovel.

  • We’re moving to weekly updates for our statuses, either Friday or Saturday. This is mainly because me and Defendos are currently busy with real life. Don’t worry though, we’re always here when needed.
  • Our Mail Server is now operational. There are a few issues to work out but we can send and receive messages. General queries should be sent to [email protected], while applications should be mailed to [email protected] We also have our own personal email addresses which we will mainly use for responses to emails sent to above.
  • Prologue Quality Checking and Editing have now been completed. Stay tuned for updates about the Prologue Patch.

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