Weekly Update 26/02

Again, I’ve skipped some updates due to there not being anything new to add. It’s the same this week, but I thought I’d inform everyone.

  • We’re moving to Wednesday updates now, since Defendos has more time.
  • Prologue is stalled at the Opening, as usual. If Oystein doesn’t return in time, hopefully Defendos will be able to use the files he left behind. We might have to release without it, if necessary.
  • Our Main Route Translator, nfinite, is making some changes to the patcher instead of Translating. When we release our next patch (after Prologue) this new Patcher should mean that you only have to download the changed files. The changed files are around 500 MB in size, whereas the Prologue Patch will be around 1.7 GB for the patch alone.
  • As usual, our current status can be found on the Koiken Otome page.

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